henley grange naturopathic clinic

The clinic has been operating in Henley Beach since 1992. The current location has been home to the clinic since 1996.  The clinic started was started by Kerry Le Rossignol who administered and practised at the clinic until her retirement at the end of 2010.   The clinic is now administered by Rosemary Maurici who practises at the clinic.

The primary focus of the practitioners and staff at the clinic is to provide patients of the clinic with a quality of health care and personalised service that we would like to receive as a patient.

In working to provide quality health care to patients, the clinic practitioners are able to assist with a wide variety of health complaints, and are happy to work in conjunction with other health care practitioners for the wellbeing of the patient.

The secondary focus of the practitioners at the clinic is to share knowledge and skills with patients of the clinic.   Currently, this focus is in the form of ongoing workshops that provide information on 'life skills' and 'nutrition'  as well as seasonal six week intensive weight management programmes and follow up support services.

In working to share knowledge and skills with patients of the clinic, it is the intention of practitioners to assist individuals towards making informed choices in specific areas of their lives.