henley grange naturopathic clinic


Clinic staff maintain the running of the clinic.

Anne Dewar

Senior Receptionist

Maria Quici





Practitioners have provider codes with the majority of private health funds. We suggest you check with your health fund regarding your policy cover. Health Funds to not offer provider codes to Counsellors, or student practitioners.

Kerry Le Rossignol

B.Nat, Dip App Sc (Acup)
Grad Cert WPTA, M.Ed
Fellow ANTA

Kerry has been practising since 1988 and started the multi-disciplinary clinic in 1992. She combined practising with lecturing for 10 years and after retiring from lecturing, served as a director of ANTA for 4 years. Kerry's discipline is naturopathy (homoeopathy). Her therapy is Shiatsu. Kerry has retired from full time practise, and assists at the Clinic in a part time role.

Rosemary Maurici

B.Sc, Dip App Sc (ND)
Member ANTA

Rosemary has been practising since 1994 and joined the clinic after graduating. Rosemary combined practising with lecturing for 5 years.  Her discipline is naturopathy (herbalism and homoeopathy) with Bowen remedial massage and foot reflexology as her specialist therapy.  Rosemary also facilitates the Clinic's Nutrition Workshops. She has taken over from Kerry as the senior naturopathic practitioner. 

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Dip App. Sc. (Acup)
Oriental Remedial Therapist 
Member ANTA

Jennifer has been practising since 1996. She combines her practice with active local community involvement.

Jennifer's discipline is acupuncture and her therapies are massage, acupressure, and myofascial release.